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Calling All Young Constructors

At JMK, we believe in the importance of investing in the next generation of constructors. That's why we have a strong focus on building young constructors and providing them with the training and development they need to succeed in the industry.

Our team includes a diverse group of experienced professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with the next generation of constructors. We offer a variety of training and development opportunities, including [list of training and development opportunities].

We believe that investing in young constructors not only benefits our team, but also the industry as a whole. By building a strong foundation for the next generation of constructors, we are helping to ensure a bright and successful future for the construction industry.

If you're a young constructor looking to grow and develop your skills, we encourage you to join our team and be a part of our commitment to building the next generation of constructors.

Be part of our mission

We are driven by a mission to creating excellence through passion driven character. We believe that through our work, we can make a positive impact in the world and create a better future for all. We are always looking for talented and motivated individuals who share our mission and are passionate about making a difference. If you believe in the power of creating excellence through passion driven character and want to be a part of something special, we encourage you to join our team. As a member of our team, you'll have the opportunity to work on meaningful projects and be a part of a supportive and collaborative community. You'll also have the chance to grow and develop personally and professionally, while making a positive impact in the world.

Take the first step and join us today. Be a part of our mission and make a difference.

Career Path

Senior Project Manager
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Head Superintendent
High entry level pay

We are investing in the future of not only our company, but the industry too. That is why we have competitive entry pay.

Easily move up the ranks

Hard work pays off. Being diligent in learning, reliability and the ambition to be better. We see that and we want to grow those in our company. Put more responsibility on those who want to seek it.

Growing company

Our company is just getting started. Though we have been around for years, we have a bright future of great leaders. Be a part of a team that is passionate on being the best.

Company vehicles

We give our superintendents and PMs company vehicles. We know that their job will be aiding the team in anything they need. These vehicles help our team be efficient in that.

Younger workforce

We have our senior leaders and do not want to discourage any older leaders from joining our team, however we are eager to hire young constructors that we can teach and invest in to help make the industry better daily.


OSHA 10 HR, NTS - trench safety etc.


Frequently by job performance

No experience needed

What we offer our employees

We take pride in taking great care of our work family. We are not here to take advantage of our people; we are here to give them a life that is bettering daily. We want to be an active part in that. That is why we are proud of our benefits and how we treat our people.